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 Allegro Expansion Pods


Allegro Expansion Pods


The Allegro Field PC has a number of expansion pods that provide additional facilities.

Expansion Pods
Expansion Pods
Expansion pods for the Allegro provide the benefits of accurate bar code scanning, wireless LAN and GPS without the hassle of cables that may impede your work in the field. The fully-sealed, waterproof pod enclosure integrated with the Allegro Field PC is a patented design, complementing the ruggedness and reliability of the Allegro. The pods replace the standard PC card door on the Allegro.

The Allegro Field PC with an expansion pod option is used in applications such as forest inventory, agriculture research, fisheries, facilities and asset management, wood products, land surveying, distribution and many others.

Expansion pods available:
Bar Code Expansion Pod: High performance bar code scanning in outdoor light
802.11b Expansion Pod: Provides Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) capability
Bar Code Scanner with 802.11b: High Performance Bar Code Scanner with WLAN capability
GPS Expansion Pod: Map, navigate and log GPS positions
Bar code scanning is available with two expansion pods: the bar code scanner and Bar Code Pod the combination bar code scanner/802.11b receiver. In these expansion pods, the high performance bar code scanner is incorporated in the integral design of the rugged field computer. This integrated design eliminates cables or extraneous battery packs inherent when using an external bar code scanner with a handheld computer.

Win CE Software Enables Immediate Bar Code Data Entry in Your Applications

An easy-to-use Windows CE bar code setup program is included at no extra charge. This software package allows you to customize the scanner setup for your data collection needs. After setup, begin bar code data entry immediately within your application program.

Bar Code Scanning Features

High performance bar code scanning in outdoor, bright light
Outstanding performance in wide temperature ranges (-30 C to 54 C) and extreme conditions
Ability to scan bar codes 1 to 3 feet away
Excellent ability to scan poorly printed or low contrast bar codes
Low power consumption
Compatible with nine different bar code symbologies
Built-in bar code reading software to enable automatic bar code data entry into most application programs


In today's world, you need access to a wide variety of information from centralized databas 80211b Podes for on-site, mobile decision analysis. Wireless connection to a local area network is made possible with the 802.11 expansion pods on the Allegro. With 802.11b, you can wirelessly connect to your computer network while working in the field. Wireless connectivity is provided by two expansion pods: the 802.11b and the combination bar code/802.11b. The expansion pods feature a Cisco Aironet 350 PC Card as the IEEE 802.11b receiver. You receive full documentation and Win CE drivers to enable wireless transfer of data to your 802.11b compatible access point.

Wireless LAN via 802.11b Features

Superior range and throughput Indoor: 130 feet at 11 Mbps, 350 feet at 1 Mbps Outdoor: 800 feet at 11 Mbps, 2000 feet at 1 Mbps
Secure network communications World mode for international roaming
Full-featured utilities for each configuration
Compliance with the IEEE 802.11b highrate standard



The GPS expansion pod integrates the Trimble Lassen LP GPS receiver with the Allegro. The expansion pod receives GPS positions that are used in conjunction with several GIS/GPS packages. Use the Allegro with GPS to map, navigate or log positions.

GPS Features:

The Lassen LP module is a high performance, low-power, micro GPS receiver
Both TSIP or NMEA protocols can be used with the Lassen LP receiver Compatible with Trimbles TerraSync software
The compact 3.3 V active micropatch antenna is securely mounted to the top of the Allegro


Allegro CX Field PC

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Allegro CX to our line of Allegro Field PCs built to perform in the most demanding environments.

The Allegro CX has exciting new features such as a fast Intel XScale 400 MHz processor, wireless capability with integrated Bluetooth, and a color display option that is highly visible in direct sunlight.

You expect ruggedness, reliability, and flexibility from the Allegro. The Allegro CX has these features and more to make field data collection even more productive.


Allegro CE Field PC
The Allegro Field PC is the ideal all-weather mobile computing tool for applications in natural resources, agriculture, and other rugged markets. Whether you enter field notes on the keyboard or directly from sensors, your data are safe.

The Allegro CE features the Intel StrongARM 206 MHz processor, a large high visibility l/4 VGA display with a non-glare touchscreen, and several memory and data storage options. Integrated expansion pods provided wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Models include a bar code scanner, wireless LAN, and GPS receiver. The Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system is available as an option.

Foresters and log yard managers depend on reliable data collection in harsh conditions. The Allegro Field PC successfully serves this need. Using the Allegro Field PC with application software, a forester or log yard manager fulfills their desired outcomes for reliable data collection, on-site decision analysis, and geo-referenced data. Productivity and data integrity are increased using these highly effective, integrated data collection tools.
Forest and Street Tree Inventory
Log Buying
Log Scaling and Log Procurement
Log Yard Inventory
Lumber Grading
Nursery Inventory
Regeneration Surveys
Timber Cruisin
Allegro CX
Allegro CX Brochure (PDF)
Allegro CX Technical Specifications (PDF)
Allegro CE
Allegro CE Brochure (PDF)
Allegro CE Technical Specifications (PDF)
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