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Allegro Field PC Features


The Allegro Field PC has a number of features that make it the best available.

Features Allegro CX Field PC
Meets Tough Environmental Specifications.
Do not let the attractive design fool you. The case is rugged, shock resistant, and chemical resistant. Gaskets completely seal the case from water and dust. (Yes, it floats!) The Allegro CE operates in temperatures ranging from -30 to 54 degrees C.
Fast Processor For Performance.
The Intel® XScale 400 MHz processor provides outstanding speed and performance.
Microsoft Windows CE ® .NET V 4.2
This operating system provides enhanced program development tools and additional networking and communication capabilities.
Color Display Option
The high visibility colour TFT active Matrix Transflective LCD provides brilliant contrast, even in direct sunlight. The MX1178 graphic accelerator provides high performance and speed.
Monochrome Display Option
The 1/4 VGA , 320 x 240 pixel display offers 18 percent more viewing area than comparable units, making applications and data easier to see. A display heater and adjustable backlight are standard features.
Bluetooth Transceiver
A class 2 Bluetooth transceiver is integrated with the colour display option, providing wireless connectivity for a 30 foot radius (10 meters).
Efficient Keyboard Layout.
The keys are large and can be used with gloved hands. Twelve function keys are available. Key labels do not rub off after extended use. The keyboard bezel protects the keys from tearing. It can be removed to clean the keyboard (the Allegro remains sealed during cleaning).
Field-Friendly Design.
The shape and smooth edges of the case make it easy to hold in either hand and use in the field. The Allegro CE weighs only 1.8 lbs. The battery and PC card compartments are easily accessed. Hand and shoulder straps can be attached in multiple configurations.
Plenty of Memory for Efficient Program Execution.
From 32 to 128 M of SDRAM is available, providing sufficient memory to run programs like mobile GIS.
Secure Data and Program Storage.
From 32 to 512 M of non-volatile solid state disk storage is available. Your data are secure without battery backup.
PC Card Slot Provides Options.
Add data storage and input/output options through the user-accessible PC card slot.
Wireless Sensor Integration with Expansion Pods 
Options include a GPS receiver, bar code scanner, 802.11b wireless network, and barcode scanner with 802.11b, and RF ID reader. Expansion pods are fully sealed.
Long Battery Life.
A NiMH battery pack provides up to 30 hours of battery life. Intelligent battery monitoring and charging are provided. An optional AA alkaline battery holder is available.
Multiple Communication Options.
Two standard 9 pin D RS-232C serial ports and an IrDA port allow you to connect multiple devices to the Allegro CE. The USB port provides fast file transfer and synchronization with a PC.
Fast File Transfer and Synchronization.
Using the USB/Power Dock ® you can quickly transfer and synchronize files between the Allegro CE and a PC. The Allegro is charged while it is docked, preparing it for tomorrow´s work day. Multiple USB/Power Docks can be attached to one PC. Our exclusive USB MultiSync function allows multiple Allegro units to communicate with one host PC.
Expansion Pods Provide Sensor Integration.
Options include a GPS receiver, bar code scanner, 802.11b wireless network, and barcode scanner with 802.11b. Expansion pods are fully sealed.



Allegro CX Field PC

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Allegro CX to our line of Allegro Field PCs built to perform in the most demanding environments.

The Allegro CX has exciting new features such as a fast Intel XScale 400 MHz processor, wireless capability with integrated Bluetooth, and a color display option that is highly visible in direct sunlight.

You expect ruggedness, reliability, and flexibility from the Allegro. The Allegro CX has these features and more to make field data collection even more productive.


Allegro CE Field PC
The Allegro Field PC is the ideal all-weather mobile computing tool for applications in natural resources, agriculture, and other rugged markets. Whether you enter field notes on the keyboard or directly from sensors, your data are safe.

The Allegro CE features the Intel StrongARM 206 MHz processor, a large high visibility l/4 VGA display with a non-glare touchscreen, and several memory and data storage options. Integrated expansion pods provided wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Models include a bar code scanner, wireless LAN, and GPS receiver. The Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system is available as an option.

Foresters and log yard managers depend on reliable data collection in harsh conditions. The Allegro Field PC successfully serves this need. Using the Allegro Field PC with application software, a forester or log yard manager fulfills their desired outcomes for reliable data collection, on-site decision analysis, and geo-referenced data. Productivity and data integrity are increased using these highly effective, integrated data collection tools.
Forest and Street Tree Inventory
Log Buying
Log Scaling and Log Procurement
Log Yard Inventory
Lumber Grading
Nursery Inventory
Regeneration Surveys
Timber Cruisin
Field PC
Expansion Pods
Allegro CX
Allegro CX Brochure (PDF)
Allegro CX Technical Specifications (PDF)
Allegro CE
Allegro CE Brochure (PDF)
Allegro CE Technical Specifications (PDF)
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