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Dataline Creditors Module

The Dataline Creditors Module is a multi-user, multi-company, Windows based, Advanced open item Accounts Payable application.

The Creditors module allows you to view creditor details; balance; period and year to date purchases and payments, and outstanding transaction details.

You can select invoices for payment and print cash requirements, cheques and remittance advices, cheque register, bank details, trial balance purchase and payments reports.

You can group your creditors into different categories; then select these for payment and reporting.

Payment runs will ignore creditors who have been flagged as in dispute and a warning will display when any transactions are entered for these creditors.

Complete payment details are held for each creditor including usual terms, discount terms, payment method and bank account details. You can enter different details of posting time or have them automatically entered from the creditor record.

To help in creditor communications, contact name, phone, mobile and fax numbers, and a memo field are also provided.

Standard charges are available which are ideal for amounts owing, due on a regular basis e.g. rent, insurance, loan repayments etc. You can set up any number of standard charges.

Regardless of whether you have the General Ledger module or not you can allocate creditor details to expense accounts and produce a general ledger report. When the general ledger is being used you can post these transaction details.

Reports, detailed or summarized, may be displayed on the screen, printed or sent to a disk file at any time. All reports may be exported to spreadsheet, word processing or Microsoft mail.

By adding the report writer module you can customise reports, list your top suppliers, produce letters, labels and much more.

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