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Dataline Debtors Module

The Dataline Debtors Module is a multi-user, multi-Company Windows based Advanced open item Accounts Receivable application.

The Debtors Module allows you to enter details from your invoices, credit notes, customer payments and adjustments. It also enables you to process standard and finance charges, generate service invoices and credit notes, and send out statements and to print department sales analysis, debtor labels and customer reports.

The Debtor enquiry facility contains options to view customer details, balances, period and year to date sales and transaction details. When the Order Entry module is being used, details of outstanding orders are also available.

Debtor Accounts are ‘open item’ allowing you to print invoice details on the statement until the invoice has been fully paid.

The Debtors module may be used by itself or integrated with the Order Entry module allowing you to produce Quotations, Enter Sales orders and prompt Professional Invoices.

Regardless of whether you have the General Ledger Module or not, you have General Ledger Reporting, allowing you to allocate debtor transactions to specific account codes. With the General Ledger module, you can directly post these transactions.

Reports, detailed or summarised, may be displayed on the screen, printed, or sent to a disk file at any time. All reports may be exported to spreadsheet, word processing or Microsoft mail.

Sales Analysis by customer and department is available.

Control Billing is available where you ship products to a branch location, but bill a head office.

By adding the report writer module you can customise reports, amend invoice and statement layouts, and produce overdue letters and much more.

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