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Dataline Inventory

The Inventory Module could allow you to have complete control of your stock. You could know which products are selling and which are most profitable. Comprehensive reporting may enable you to maintain more effective stock levels - thus ensuring sales are not lost, but at the same time, money is not tied up by over stocking.

You can select: Average, Fixed or Last as your costing option; Purchase Conversions where you purchase in a particular unit quantity but hold in stock in a different unit quantity; Reorder Level/Quantity or Minimum/Maximum of your reorder details.

The stock can be dimensioned with the dimensions being used to determine the pricing and one of the dimensions can be input during the invoicing process if required.

You can process: Receipts, Issues, Returns, Adjustments, Consignments and Invoices and Credit Notes; Stocktake details; Price updates. Details for Quantity In Stock, Ordered, Backordered, Reserved, On Consignment and Available are shown for each product.

Multi Locations will enable you to maintain full stock details for each product in any number of locations. You can transfer stock from one location to another. All reports are available showing full details for all or a range of locations.

The Inventory Module may be used alone or used in connection with: Order Entry and Invoicing, which updates product information as each order or invoice is accepted; General Ledger, which allows you to post your product transactions to your General Ledger at any time.

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