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Dataline Logging Module

The Dataline Logging Module is a module of the Dataline Accounting For Windows system designed for use in timber logging operations. Like all modules in Dataline Accounting for windows the software is designed for multiple users in multiple companies and includes a security module that restricts the facilities that each user can access. The system is only available for Windows NT or Windows 95 users and uses the Access Database. This allows the users to create their own queries using the facilities of Access or the Crystal Report Writer if they need that facility.

The software allows the user to account for both softwood and hardwood logs and for the royalties and felling, snigging, barking, loading and hauling costs associated with logging operations. Records are maintained for Areas, Mills, Logs and the Operator’s Machines used for the logging operations. The Logging Module can run standalone or can be integrated to the Creditors, and General Ledger modules.

Statistical information is recorded for each Mill and for each of the Operator’s Machines. The system allows for the transfer of logs between mills and the haulage costs for those operations. Logs can be split into several logs within the system. Stocktake facilities are provided.

The royalties are calculated by volume and royalty tables allow up to 18 price groups determined by log diameter for each specie located in a logging area or compartment. The handling costs attributable to each machine are determined in a similar manner by 18 price groups determined by log quality and diameter for each specie located in a logging area or compartment. Softwood volumes are calculated by a formula that handles up to 45 diameter values for each specie to allow for the differing bark thicknesses of each specie at different diameters. Hardwood volumes are determined by a formula that assumes the same bark thickness for all species.

The Logging Module prepares contractor payment advices and creates a Log Book and Tally File for lodgement with the NSW Forestry Commission.

All reports in the system can be output to the screen, to a file, to the printer or FAX, or exported to other systems such as Mail, Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet etc.

The reports are generally available in both detail and summary formats and allow the user to select the reporting criteria. Reports are available on Logs, Areas (Compartments), Species, Consumption, Contractors Payments, Contractors Machines and Log Waste from veneer lathes.

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