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 Project Execution


Don't conduct a project post-mortem.  The project is already gone.  Identify problems as they occur during your project in real-time.

Drive your requirements, don't let them drive you.  Are you managing your requirements in an MS Word document?  Multiple revisions across several contributors?  Several hours worth of formatting?  Lost requirements?  Change requests? 
Stop the madness!

Collaborate on your requirements through a web-based, database driven interface.  Manage requirements workflow.  Track progress.  Get real-time requirements status, from conception to completion.  All centrally located, securely accessible from anywhere in the world.  It's the only way to be completely sure that the final outcome of the project will be the original product you envisioned.

Project Tracking
Streamlining project communication, collaboration, and tracking will result in the following:

real-time project assessment and a significant increase in project transparency.

a decrease in the time and cost associated with your projects.

a much greater likelihood that your projects will actually match your requirements.

identification of risks well before they become time consuming issues.

The financial impact of our approach is compelling.
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