SpeeDEV differentiates itself from competing products in several ways.  A feature-by-feature comparison of SpeeDEV with other products will not be fair to the competing products since SpeeDEV offers an integrated solution, whereas individual competitor software focus on one particular functionality, viz. defect tracking, requirement management, etc.  In addition, even if we try to compare SpeeDEV with competing software feature by feature, it will always become a moving target, since products leapfrog over each other by adding new features.  However, as far as the other tool vendors--small or very big--are concerned, there are distinct philosophical differences between SpeeDEV and any of these vendors.  This unique philosophy drives SpeeDEV through a path very distinct from that followed by other vendors, and all the features and functionality are geared towards this vision.  The following are the main philosophical differences:

*      Process Philosophy: SpeeDEV believes that the core of the software development project is a process -- any process -- appropriate for an organization.  This philosophy immediately makes us different from the traditional 'Bunch-of-Tools' (BOT) vendors who offer various tools independent of any single, cohesive process.  It is also illustrative to look at the history of these tools-- in most cases, the various tools are added to their offerings by acquiring smaller tool vendors.  This has made each tool independent of the other, with forced file-format compatibility in the name of integration.  Some of the bigger vendors also offer their own branded process, assuming that they know what is good for any organization or project, irrespective of size.  Typically, these very expensive branded process tools lead organizations to process-phobia after spending million of dollars and many months, by virtue of their heavy methodological bias.  By contrast, SpeeDEV has a single-process-oriented vision and tools are added to this core process from the ground-up, as necessary tools for the process, and not as an afterthought.

*      Pricing Philosophy: SpeeDEV believes that software engineering tools should be so competitively priced that even the smallest development houses can afford, use, and get benefit from SpeeDEV.  This, again, sharply contrasts our philosophy with the traditional BOT vendors.  Typically, the industry convention is to make the prices so high that unless you have a NASA or DOD project you cannot afford nor justify these tools.  Even some of the bigger vendors take pride in proclaiming that they do not serve the 'little guys', since their online offerings start with a price point of almost a million dollars per year.

*      Availability Philosophy: SpeeDEV believes that every participant in a software project should be a part of the process and hence have access to process management tools like SpeeDEV, without the boundaries of time and space, or the headaches associated with client installation.  This, apparently, the BOT vendors do not want.  First, their tools have a very distinct 'project manager centric' approach, which is not very useful for the other participants, especially the non-technical ones.  Second, their bloated client software is to be installed on the local desktops for any access, which becomes too much of an overhead for an occasional user.  Third, whenever there is a web-based client, it is so crippled in functionality that you can perform some very rudimentary operations only.  SpeeDEV 'stake-holder centric' paradigm allows 100% functionality using the browser, requiring no client software installation, and being available anywhere, anytime.

*      Customisation Philosophy: SpeeDEV believes that you know your business better than anybody else.  Which also means that we have placed, at your fingertips, extensive customisation and extension of SpeeDEV that can be accomplished online.  SpeeDEV customisation includes co-branding the user interface with your name, your colours and your logo, for your customers and employees, at your price.  (Ask any of the BOT vendors whether they can customize their tools' interfaces with your name, logo and colour, at an affordable price.)