Contact the SpeeDEV sales team for a price quote for your requirements.  Pricing is based on the number of users.  This page explains the various deployment and licensing choices.

SpeeDEV Hardware and Software Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Enterprise deployment are:

*      Hardware:

*      1 x CPU of min 800 MHz processor

*      512 MB memory (2 GB recommended)

*      Min. 20GB Hard Drive, preferably in RAID-5 disk array (60 GB recommended)

*      Operating system: Windows 2000 Server

*      Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (application license)

The Enterprise deployment can scale up to multiple clustered database servers and multiple load balanced application servers.
Prerequisites for the
Enterprise Subscription:

*      One or more Windows 2000 Server(s)

*      Appropriate server and client access licenses for Microsoft SQL Server 2000

The Enterprise Subscription Includes:

*      SpeeDEV Enterprise Software Release 3.0

*      1 (one) Copy of Media

*      1 (one) Copy printed User's and Administrator's Documentation

*      Softcopy version of the documentation is on the media and Licensee is allowed to print as many copies as needed

*      30 days support (business hours are Pacific Time)

Technical Support, Maintenance and Upgrades are 20% of base price per year.  See Support.

SpeeDEV Licensing Options
Enterprise deployments, there are several licensing options available.

Named User Licensing:
In the Named User model, the licenses track the total number of users in the database of SpeeDEV.  For example, a 50 Named User License allows 50 users to use SpeeDEV, all of them concurrently, if required.  Named User Licensing is available both for ASP and
Enterprise deployments. 

Concurrent User Licensing:
In the Concurrent User model, the licenses track the total number of users concurrently logged-in.  There may be an unlimited number of users in the SpeeDEV database.  For example, a 25 Concurrent User License allows 25 users to login in SpeeDEV concurrently, although there may be 100 users in the database. 


SpeeDEV Licensing Term Options
For all Licensing Options, there is a choice of either the perpetual license or the annual subscription. 

Perpetual License: The perpetual license is equivalent to an outright purchase.  For support and maintenance, the buyer pays a percentage of the total licensing fee, annually (20%) See Support. 

Subscription License: Subscription can be bought in 3-month (quarterly) increments, and gives the users a license to use the SpeeDEV solution for that limited time.  The pricing includes standard technical support, maintenance and upgrades. 

Custom Co-Branding and other Customisation Pricing
Custom Co-Branding and other customisation of SpeeDEV is possible; this includes having your company logo appear on the screen, and changing the colour scheme to match your company colours.  The cost will be estimated based on the requirements.