SpeeDEV is an Engineering lifecycle management solution. It addresses the space of Requirements Management, Issue Management and Task Management by combining all three into a single User Interface and provides it over the Web. In addition, SpeedProcess can automate any process (RUP, CMM, Waterfall or other) graphically. SpeeDEV comes with a Knowledgebase and a robust Timesheet application. The full system consists of six enterprise applications all seamlessly integrated into one solution and manages everything from Requirements gathering to Product Release. It integrates with MS VSS for configuration management, and iManage for Document Management and Crystal Reports for additional reporting.

Some of the unique aspects of SpeeDEV are:

         It is made up of six enterprise applications and delivered over the web

         It comes with a process tool to automate any process (RUP, CMM, Waterfall or other) graphically

         Unlike traditional "point" solutions, SpeeDEV looks at the entire lifecycle (Requirements, Design, Development, Testing) as inseparable phases and thereby provides a high level of integration between the phases - resulting in superior impact analysis and tracking

         Synchronization with MS Project enables it to input actual tasks accomplished every day ...thereby providing an accurate snapshot and forecast of time required to achieve project milestones Project Managers find:

1) A well designed process is of paramount importance to the success of a project. The additional issues raised by a distributed development team further enforce the need for structured process and project management. SpeeDEV allows the creation and execution of the SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle) process via a graphical User Interface with task automation enabled.

2) Managers can view the status of the automatically generated and assigned tasks to the project team members, as well as assign ad-hoc tasks.

3) Much of the Intellectual Property generated in the brainstorming of the problems and solutions analysis is often lost when discussed in emails or other threads, SpeeDEV captures this Intellectual Property in a project within the context of the customer Requirement or Issue by keeping track of all communication and change requests, which, along with the rich audit trail allows managers to perform historical analysis and research.

4) As Team members change within a project - a substantial investment is required to bring new members up to speed, often critical knowledge is lost in this transition - this pain can be minimized with the tracking and audit trail features of SpeeDEV.

SpeeDEV is a 100% web-based software and hardware development lifecycle process management software, with integrated Requirement Management, Issue Management, Time Management and Project Planning Tools, in a single interface. SpeeDEV is designed to allow all the participants in a Software Project to participate and exchange information about the Project following a process defined by the project manager, independent of the location and time zone of a particular participant.

SpeeDEV is especially useful for distributed projects, where developers, users, and managers are located at different and often very distant places. SpeeDEV will provide these next-generation tools for those companies that are expanding their development process across town and beyond continents. In today's cost sensitive world, SpeeDEV provides an ROI of 1000% to 2000% with a cost recovery in less than one or two months.

One of the beauties of SpeeDEV is that it is applicable to any kind of software development project. It is independent of the Hardware (from embedded systems to supercomputers), OS (from NT to Solaris to Palm Computers), Language (be it assembly language, COBOL or Java) or the Domain (from car navigation systems, games, e-commerce, POS for retailers or Electronic CAD). This ever-expanding field of software development will need an integrated tool like SpeeDEV to manage the ever-increasing complexity of software projects.

The SpeeDEV architecture is shown below, with all the integrated tools that are so necessary for the success of a development project:

*      SpeedProcess: Process Management System

*      SpeedReq: Requirement Management System

*      SpeedIssue: Issue/ Change Management System

*      SpeedTime: Time Management System

*      SpeedPlan: Project Planning System

*      SpeedTask: Task Management System

SpeeDEV is different from other tool vendors in various respects, including:

Process - SpeeDEV does not promote any particular process like some other tool vendor, but provides you the best tool to implement the most appropriate process for your organization and your project. In this way, SpeeDEV is the only universal process management software in the market with a visual process designer.

Pricing - SpeeDEV believes that quality tools need to be available to the development group independent of its size. So, the complete, integrated solution of SpeeDEV is made available at a comparable and even smaller price than a single standalone application from the other vendors. Flexible licensing options include: Named User, Concurrent User, and CPU based subscription and licensing.

Availability - Because SpeeDEV is a 100% web-based application; it allows ALL participants of a project access to SpeeDEV from wherever, whenever, without bothering with downloading client access software or Firewall issues.

Customisation - SpeeDEV recognizes that every organization and every project is different and has unique requirements for its process and project attributes. The online web-based administration and customisation of almost every aspect of SpeeDEV allows the project manager to fine tune SpeeDEV for the special requirements of a project. This customisation capability comes out of the box without any additional expenses.

To understand in detail how SpeeDEV is different from the other products and solutions available in the market, please read: How is SpeeDEV Different?

Along with our premier process management tool, SpeeDEV also provides consulting services starting from helping companies to define and implement development process to turn-key project execution at a 30%-40% savings in total project cost, under the speedService practice of SpeeDEV. This extraordinary result is achieved by using a proven, repeatable, distributed development process implemented, enforced and automated by the SpeeDEV process management tool and by using SpeeDEV's offshore development partners.