Gone are those days when the complete software development team was located within a 50 ft. radius and many project-related issues were resolved at the water cooler.  The new mantra, 'Go Global' means: getting the best resources at the lowest cost.

Moreover, the oft-cited CHAOS report from the Standish Group indicates that 83.8% of all software development projects are unsuccessful.  Of these, 37% are never completed, and the remaining 63% are challenged, either because they are not on schedule, or because they do not meet users' expectations.

The software development process still remains one of the few areas of human endeavour that is largely not automated.  Traditionally, the Software Project Manager uses generic tools (phone, emails, word processor, spreadsheet, Project Management software) not specifically designed for the entire Development Process.  Because of the inadequacy of these tools, the Project Managers get overwhelmed in no time, being a single controlling point for the Project.

As Software Projects become more complex and distributed, more and more people of various skill sets become involved in executing a software project successfully.  The SpeeDEV architecture is designed as an integrated solution for the whole development team under the supervision of a Project Manager, relieved of less important tasks.  It is applicable to any kind of software development project, independent of the hardware.

SpeeDEV makes more sense when we compare it with the coding tools in the 1980s.  Before the eighties, the developers used individual standalone tools for coding, which included the Source Code editor, Compiler, Linker, Debugger, and Profiler etc.  In the eighties we saw a new breed of coding tools, integrating all these individual tools in a single environment called IDE: Integrated Development Environment.  Today, IDE is a standard in almost all OS platforms and rarely does one find developers wishing for the old way of juggling between individual tools.  Similarly, SpeeDEV provides an IDE by integrating the most important development management tools together with a Process Management framework.  The Web and Internet revolution has provided the right timing for such a collaborative integrated solution to become a reality.  Tomorrow, SpeeDEV will provide a similar standard for the development management tools.